Notes On Management Skills : Southern New Hampshire University Essay

Notes On Management Skills : Southern New Hampshire University Essay

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1-2 Short Paper: Management Skills
Southern New Hampshire University
Amanda Brandon

The expertise and experience held by a project manager may vary from or organization to organization but there are some key skills and responsibilities that are common to all PM’s. A PM is responsible for all stages of a project from the implementation to closure, ensuring that the project is completed on-time and within budget. All project managers should be knowledgeable on budget creation. Moreover, project managers should be good communicators, this includes being active listeners as well as motivational. Team members will need regular feedback and the PM will have to communicate with stakeholders across all levels. Still the PM must be honest, ethical, and have some diversity awareness.
Strong leadership skills are a must for anyone in a managerial position. For PM’s this is of particular importance as projects often have strict time limitations. For the PM this means that they must be able to direct team members ensuring that they meet set goals within time constraints. In some instances teams are assembled from workers in the same department usually reporting to the same leadership however, team members can also come from different parts of the company. When the latter is case it is critical that strong leadership skills be employed by the PM to assemble a cohesive working group. Mayhew points out that in the various organizational structures there are different levels of authority that the PM can exercise. In the matrix structure, the project manager has little authority over the staff assigned to his projects because the come from vary business units (Mayhew, n.d.). In the PM focused organization, one project m...

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....All of these skills are important skills for a project manager to have. Conflict management and authority having the greater impact on the success of the project manager and autonomy to a lesser extent.

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