Notes On Human Resource Management Essay

Notes On Human Resource Management Essay

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SHRM stand for Strategic Human resource management (SHRM) was defined by Boxall and Purcell (2003: 1) as ‘all those activities associated with the management of employment relationships in the firm’ HRM covers activities such as human capital management, knowledge management, organization design and development, resourcing (workforce planning, recruitment and selection, and talent management), performance management, learning and development, reward management, employee relations and employee well-being.

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• Political: It is related to the Government, Public opinion, international organisations.
• Economic: - In this how economic environment affects HRM all parts of business and also HRM in terms of how many employees might be needed.
• Social: - Is all about beliefs about what is acceptable, what is right, which shows the trend of work life balance.
• Technological: - How technology impacts how people communicate which affects HR due to technology there are ways to track employee performance, compensation, and even hiring processes in your organisation you must have technology up to date to do your date to date job which can be your machines in your production area, photocopier, scanner, fax etc…
• Environmental: - Global warming, Pollution, Conserving natural resources..
• Legal: - How the legal aspects of business affect HRM such as discrimination laws, requirements of health care, employer paid taxes etc…
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Organisations must make sure that they are mainly following political issues going on in the present market world as there are political pressures, policies, and practice which they are following for surviving in the market and prospering in the market .They...

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...atutory pay, maternity pay etc HR department has to follow all these rules to monitor and evaluate them.
Conclusion: From all the above contemporary issued related to strategic HRM (PESTEL) analysis it is clear and understood that HR has crucial role to play in organisation with the use of people making a difference in organisational performance. So good HR practice and functioning is very critical for the formulation and implementation of business plan and meeting the objective of the organisation
HR must be specifically able to draw on insights to lead and influence decisions at strategic, tactical, and operational team and individual levels across the organisation.
HR must also able to meet the current and emerging trends in the market and they must be able to use an appropriate strategy and practice it to be implemented to promote the organisational advantage

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