Essay about Notes On Future Demand Of The Gas Wells And Pumping Stations

Essay about Notes On Future Demand Of The Gas Wells And Pumping Stations

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New refracing methods have extended the average life of gas wells by between 10 to 20 years. Consequently Seamgas have indicated that around 100 of their gas wells and pumping stations will require power for the next 30 years. 32 of their current wells will close down in the 10 years and 16 wells will close by 2036. However, new exploration has identified 160 new sites for gas wells within the vicinity of existing assets and these sites will be put in production over a period of 20 years starting in 2026. By the year 2026 we’ll supply power to 116 sites and 56 pumping stations. In 2036 we expect to supply 180 sites 84 pumping stations and then by 2046 there will be 160 sites and 78 pumping stations. Based on future projections we foresee a 30% increase in the length of feeder assets. The existing gas processing plants will remain intact and we don’t expect to expand the 66kV capability.
With the replacement of substation assets we intend to replace oil filled CBs with a more advanced SF6 gas filled CBs which allow for a less onerous maintenance approach. A new CMMS, like Maximo, should be acquired and implemented to allow for an improved asset management approach. Maximo is user friendly and technologically advanced software that allows for expanded capabilities beyond the current PERMAC system, achieved by utilising its Maximo Anywhere mobile apps.
By 2046 the demand growth will still fall within our supply capability and around a minimum of 15% spare capacity, and new connections to farmers are projected to increase by 10%. Our current asset configuration provides flexibility to replace and renew assets without loss...

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...oach over the next 5 years it can be illustrated how selecting the correct maintenance approach, one can achieve cost savings whilst improve asset integrity.

PowerGenex is responsible for providing a safe and reliable supply of electricity to its customers. Reliability of our network has dwindled over the last decade due to constraints that led to declining service levels. Ageing network assets, non-ideal amendments of the original maintenance management strategies, and lacking asset information presented a challenging task to manage and improve the corporate approach on asset management. This SAMP describes how we intend to address past and future challenges thereby preventing reoccurrence of previous non-ideal circumstances. It is important that PowerGenex have a dynamic SAMP to effectively guide the company in realizing its objectives.

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