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Notes On Falling And Pieces Essay

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Falling to Pieces
From the time I was born up until about two years ago my father had done everything to be the best father he could be. He was always doing something to keep my sister and I happy. Anything from taking us hiking, traveling somewhere new, to just taking us out to a nice lunch. But something had changed and soon everything was about to take a turn.
It all started one day with him asking me if I could babysit my sister for a little bit while he went to visit a friend, and I did. Time went on and soon it became late. He finally arrived home just before one in the morning. A few weeks went by and he had been staying out late most nights. The days following he would sleep almost the entire day. Then he began missing work and soon got fired.
My step mother, Kelci, knew something was not right when he got fired from a job that he had worked at for many years and gotten promoted many times. She sat down to talk to him about it one day and he said nothing was wrong. She just brushed it off, hoping nothing was really wrong. But he did not begin to look for another job or anything, and that’s when my mother took more notice in it and became worried. Kelci, being a hospital nurse and working night shifts did not know about him coming home late until she asked me.
After I told her what was going on she had become furious. One night he came home late not knowing that my was also home that night. He was completely drunk out of his mind and started arguing with my mom. Kelci had told him that he could stay there for a few more days but then needed to move out. A week had went by and he had moved out. At this point, I’ll stop marking surface errors and read for content.
He showed up a few days later, drunk again, fight...

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...sent away and the truth is, I still do not know how I feel about the whole situation and how I feel towards him. He still writes me many times but I have only wrote him back a few times. I feel bad that I have not wrote him more but at the same time I do not even know what to say to him half of the time. My dad’s mother, also my grandmother, goes to see him at least once a month and talks to me about it all the time. She says that he has gotten so much better and that I should go to see him one day with her because that’s all he ever talks about when she goes to see him. I know that that would mean the world to him since that’s basically all he has to keep him going right now. He is my father and I do love him very much but how could I ever forgive him for putting me, my sister and my step mom through the situation that he did. I ask myself this question every day.

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