Essay on Notes On Deficit Skills And The Deficit Skill

Essay on Notes On Deficit Skills And The Deficit Skill

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I. Introduction
The purpose of this case study was to identify students with deficits in reading skills and remediate the deficit skill(s). In order to determine which students would receive additional support, data was obtained from standardized tests and/or universal screeners administered to all students. The students flagged as below grade-level on these assessments were then taken for further evaluation. According to the National Reading Panel, 5 elements (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension) combine to enable a person effectively and efficiently read. To determine the student’s current skill level in each of these elements, I administered several informal reading inventories (IRI). Multiple IRIs were administered to triangulate the data and identify specific skill strengths and deficits. Once a baseline, or starting point, was established for the skills, I was able to create an individualized plan of action to remediate the specific skills. The same IRIs were administered again to monitor progress and the effectiveness of instruction. Based on the new data, instruction was redesigned to meet the new needs of the student.
Terms to Know

Phonemic Awareness- the ability to recognize, to think about, and to work with individual sounds within words

Phonics- to associate sounds to specific letters

Fluency- reading with accuracy, quickness, and expression

Triangulate- using multiple data sources in an investigation to produce understanding

Informal Reading Inventories-individually administered diagnostic assessments designed to evaluate a number of different aspects of students ' reading performance

Reading instruction throughout the centuries has resembled a pendulum in motion swaying fr...

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...r or peer model specific skills or activities and then demonstrate knowledge of these observed skills. One last theory implemented throughout the entire course of the case study is Bronfenbrenner 's bioecological systems theory. In this theory, the student is a part of many microsystems (e.g., home, school) and is directly affected by the interactions between these systems, referred to as mesosystems. In order to maintain a positive balance between the students systems, the lines of communication between the student’s parents and the teacher have been directly open. The parents were contacted regarding the initial identification of the student and permission was obtained to conduct the study/assessments. The parents have been updated regarding the student’s progression through the student and will receive a completed copy of the finalized document upon completion.

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