Essay on Notes On Cic Duties And Responsibilities

Essay on Notes On Cic Duties And Responsibilities

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CIC Duties and responsibilities

The NCOIC ensures that all reports to DIV and BDE are sent and received in a timely manner. This to include SIR updates on BUB and updating SIR tracker. The NCO assists the RTO to prepare all reports daily. The NCO must have accountability of the RTO at all times. The NCO ensures the RTO understands his/her role.


• Serious incident Reports and tracking method. All SIR are derived from the company and the BA, then approved by the BDE Executive Officer. The OIC of the CIC has input over the QAQC of the SIRs. As the NCOIC you are responsible of completing a proper tracking method. This task can be handled by the RTO. The Brigade Executive Officer will look to the CIC NOCIC for historical data on previous SIR.
• Rolling Battle Update Brief is one of the daily reports that is generated by the CIC primarily Staff. There are several key element that are inputted IOT complete the product. The CIC NCOIC must be proficient in generating the rolling BUB. There coming times when the RTO is not available to put the rolling BUB together. The Brigade commander is expecting an accurate and timely report on a daily basis. The Rolling BUB is generated by the RTO and supervised by the NCOIC and distrupited by the OIC or the AOIC if the CIC. The Rolling BUB is approximately 12 to 17 slides depending on the content.
• Evening Rollup is the end of day report. The evening rollup is the conclusive list of all the training and movements that were conducted during the Duty day. Some other information that will be included on the Evening Rollup are the Key leaders locations, Training conducted for the day, potential movements, and the next 24 Hour training events that will take place. The RTO is responsible for p...

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...ll task assigned and completed by NCO and RTO. The OIC is responsible for assigning all task and needs to be able to step up in absence of the CHOPS and receive all special instructions from the CHOPS. The OIC is responsible for overseeing completion of the morning BUB and evening roll up. The OIC has to have accountability for the NCO and RTO at all times.

• RTO’s Roll. The RTO must ensure all reports are complete, clear, concise, and understandable. The RTO must assist the NCO with all reports. The RTO must understand the function of the CIC and the daily task.
• Rotating staff. During deployment or ongoing operations the BDE Commanders wants to ensure that there is coverage in the CIC. There is an ongoing rotating staff that report to the CIC daily in the morning at 0600 and is there to assist the primarily CIC evening staff with coverage for the evening hours.

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