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TAK Asset Management Limited (‘TAML’) is a Securities & Exchange Commission licensed Funds and Portfolio Manager founded in 2015. We are a boutique firm that emphasizes on growing the purchasing power of our client’s capital. We focus on developing a thorough accepting of our clients’ investment goals and create tailored solutions that generate real returns. TAML is also attentive on extensive due diligence, independent investment judgment and a decision matrix based on the fundamental and technical evaluation. We have a dedicated team that consists of highly experienced and diverse investment professionals.


This service is provided under our wealth management scheme and is rendered via two products: Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management services.
a. Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (DPMS): Under this service, TAK Asset Management Ltd will take full charge and control of the portfolio(s). This would entail asset allocation, securities selection, and execution of trades, constant monitoring and evaluation of the portfolio as well as rebalancing of the portfolio.
b. Non–Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (NDPMS): We will assist our clients to construct and periodically review their investment portfolio(s) in line with their mandates. This will take cognizance of their investment objectives, risk tolerance level, holding period preference and your returns profile.

Supporting family wealth means looking at a host of important questions. Amongst them: What is unique about your family? How do you reach and lead into decisions? How do you transmit the family values to the subsequent generation? How do you manag...

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... the firm’s product offerings, provided regular feedback/information for customers as regards their accounts and Compiled a comprehensive database of information on all existing relationships and prospective ones. He is proficient in:

• Investment Analysis,
• Financial Planning,
• Portfolio Management,
• Research & Financial Products Marketing
• Financial modeling using MS Excel
He has High learning aptitude, Team worker, Detailed, Analytical and Versatile.
He studied at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Kaduna State, graduating with a Bachelors of Art in Public Administration. He is a member of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers Nigerian Institute of Management and The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) the largest and most widely respected professional body for those who work in the securities and Investment business space.

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