Essay on Notes On Adult And Teacher Interaction

Essay on Notes On Adult And Teacher Interaction

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2) Adult/Teacher Interaction:
• An example when an adult was scaffolding an infant during the time I was observing Lab 1 would be when George of 1 year and 3 months was wobbly walking and exploring his surroundings and worryingly one of the instructors said “no, no” and instead he walked towards another designated play era and uncertain he looked back and made eye contact with the same instructor. She reassured him that he could go play into the area by gesturing and saying “that’s okay ” so he proceeded to play in that area.
• I did not notice an adult instructor engaging in an infant-adult directed speech because two of the adult instructors seemed to be students as well and were observing infant Desmond of 9 months. Desmond was playing and crawling around. He was playing with plastic plates and was cooing and babbling and seemed cheerful.
• I understand these two concepts from I’ve read in the book and from the lectures given in class by Dr. Hillman. When the adult was scaffolding the infant the adult was providing a learning opportunity by teaching the infant what was acceptable and what wasn’t. By having the adult hinting (nodding) and saying “no” it gave George acceptance. Infants learn through looking, listening, touching, sucking, mouthing, and grasping (Baltimore, D., Infant Cognitive Development, 2015, Spring). Although the adult instructors around Desmond didn’t interact with him as he was cooing it would have been important for them to have had interacted with the infant, as it is the building blocks of language. Infant-directed speech helps the baby register special speech and simplifies normal adult-directed speech in many ways (Baltimore, D., Infant Cognitive Development, 2015, Spring).
3) Physical Development...

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...she had washed her hands. She got it back after and was excited. Desmond showed temperament when the caregivers were trying to get him to clap his hands together, but he didn’t seem interested.
• The social skills that Briel and Desmond demonstrated are what I expected for their ages. Briel is a year and 12 months so she is disobeying the caregiver by not wanting to listen to her. Desmond is 9 months and at the point of his development he is self-centered and is more intrigued about learning what’s around him. Interacting with a variety of individuals provides opportunities for infants to learn how to modulate their style of interaction in accordance with each individual’s characteristic and unique interpersonal style. Infants also engage in interaction with their physical environment to develop competence and master it (Steinberg, Bornstein, Vandell, & Rook, 168).

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