Notable Turning Points in the History of Mankind Essay

Notable Turning Points in the History of Mankind Essay

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Throuoghout the history of man kind, conflics and issues concerning government, as well as the way political figures centrilize their own political power, have been a definant cause for both revolutionary rebellions, important wars, and the spread of nationalistic ideas and belifs. in particular, we have learned throuogh the study of historic landmarks that events in history such as the French Rebellion, of 1789 and the enlightenment of the 17th century have proved to be turning points in history, as well as events which have shaken political structures and influenced worldly governments until this day. Through these revolutions, sparked by the nationalism of the governed peoples, we can identify exactly why revolution was necessary, and the path by which such revolution was taken.
The French Revolution of 1789 has become one of those most convincing historic evidence of what people are capable of when there is clearly nothing more to lose, while there is still a lot at stake. We have learned throuoght history that the people of 17th century France were divided into a rigid and unequalized social structure which had been designed and enforced by king LouisXVI who beheld absolute power over the people of france . The 3 esates of France began with the most powerful political influences including the king, while the 2nd class, which was a tad bit larger and diversified was composed of wealthy nobles as well as other notable citizens. Then we have the 3rd estate. 97 percent of French people were included in the third estate which was composed of an array of peasents: farmers, woodsmiths, craftsmen, bakers, etc. Members of the third estate, or the working class of France, were required to pay enormous sums of taxes both t...

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... course of history.
People, in general, learn from their own mistakes just as they may easily find inspiration and knowledge from what they have done correctly throuought their lives. It is safe then, to assume, that people all throuoght the history of the world have been greatly influenced by the histroies of generations, countires, and cultures before their time. Both the French Revolution of 1789, and the age of Enlightenment which took place during the early 17th century, have influenced worldy affairs until this day. The governments of many countries and societies throughout history have gained knowelge of how to run society and manage their own people from both of these signifigant historic events. Therefore, Both the enlightenment of the 17th century, and the French Revolution of 1789 are important historical turning points in the history of mankind.

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