The Not So Fairytale Side Of International Adoption Essay

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The Not So Fairytale Side Of International Adoption
The idea of international adoption started in the late 70’s and early 80’s; however, mostly during the 90’s after the drop of the Cold War tensions was it considered a “trend.” Later, media claimed Hollywood Stars Angelina Jolie and Madonna as trendsetters of international adoption. However, the trend has recently declined in the past decade due to numerous reasons. Although, international adoption gives the child a new life, the expensive process also takes away heritage, native language, and birth parents.
From the parents’ viewpoint, international adoption is always admired as nothing but beneficial for the child. They only see the fairytale plus points over the losses. Yes, the child gains new life with different opportunities. Also, the parents should be venerated for attempting to take such a huge step with having to face racism, being bombarded with information, having to be considered different. The parents seem like angels, but what about the child and his or her losses?
The majority of people are swayed by the myth that international adoption is cheaper than domestic; however, international adoption tends to be pricier with the total of airfare, visa for the child, and medical attention for the child. In relation to airfare, more than a couple visits to the country are necessary (“Domestic vs.” 1). The number of different race children adopted decreased from 25,000 to 8,600 between the years 2004- 2013 (Voight 2). One reason for the decrease adoption rate from trendy countries, like Russia and China, is because of regulations and growing political issues between those countries. Last September, when tensions between Russia and USA grew worse, Russia the second larges...

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