Not Pay Too Much Attention Essay examples

Not Pay Too Much Attention Essay examples

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As a child I have always understood I was on the lower half of the socio/economic class, but I did not pay too much attention and went on with my life like everyone else; played outside, went to school, played with friends and participated in school functions. However, unlike most most people my age I had an alcoholic father at home with violent tendencies and an overprotective mother who insisted my sibling and I to stay home. Which in reality did more harm than good because we were kept in a toxic environment unable to explore the world around us. Having a parent who is constantly intoxicated and one who lived in constant fear of me getting hurt my growth socially was hindered since I rarely interacted with people and was not allowed to participate in many after school activities. My mother worked second shift so my father spent most of the time watching me and my sister. He put up a up a swing, a pool, and took my sister and I sledding on the hills in our back yard occasionally but he spent most of his time in the garage tinkering on his projects and drinking a six, twelve to twenty four pack of beer a day. Due to his altered state of being while drinking he emotionally and physically abused my mother and I experienced the violence time and time again which became progressively worse as the years went on and sometimes his harmful hands would effect my sister,dog, and I. Eventually he started buying weapons such as knives, swords, a pellet gun and he would threaten to use it while they were in his hand. One night he forced my mom out the house and put the gun to her chest it and threatened her life and I watched even though she told me not to and went to my neighbor’s house to ask for help with her soon following after to disreg...

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... out of the question. Even though I am afraid to try new things I will always try them because even if it does not strike a chord with me I will know something more than I did the day before. While I believe repetition is key if new aspects are not thrown in I will never improve.
In the future I want to help spread awareness of abuse of all sorts and advocate for people to seek help and how children should handle these situations. School never talked about reporting physical violence only if a fire started or if someone got injured and that is what scares me the most. There are so many people who are pushing through these hard times and do not know they can seek help, they believe what they are going through is normal just like I did and brush it off. The silent suffering of an individual has potential to harm the masses therefore should never be left unattended to.

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