Not Merely Entertainment : Social Responsibility Of Hollywood

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Not merely entertainment: Social responsibility of Hollywood Movies, TV programs have been a major part of our life entertainment, as watching films in the cinema or on the living room couch with friends or families at leisure, while actually, the impact that the movies and TV programs have on this society has already reached further than just entertainment. Some people might conceive that the movies are just made for divertissement, which should not be taken seriously, and that a movie needs stereotyped characters to make it looks interesting, representative, and attractive. However, the fact is a diametrically opposite that the so-called entertainment media is exactly molding people’s mind and attitude towards social issues and towards the others who are dwelling around, especially to those from minority ethnics. Thus, even though working on creating a form of entertainment, the Hollywood screenwriters and directors have a social responsibility to avoid stereotyping ethnic characters, because the stereotypes will induce misunderstanding, increase hatred emotion, and bring an unjust situation to the society. Movies and TV programs play a significant role in opening up the window for the audiences to view the world, which means that inappropriate stereotypes will mislead people’s understanding towards people from other communities in this world. While watching movies, we are not simply relaxing or enjoy a leisure period of time. What’s more, we are learning things at the same time, such as how people from other ethnicities are like. In this way, movies formatting our concepts of people even before we actually know them. For example, even though a mysterious Asian woman character who acts as a sexy allurement may escalate a movie’s... ... middle of paper ... ... not merely being an entertainment tool for people, but affecting people’s perspectives in a large scale through creating several types of stereotypes to mold people’s perception of the others, which will lead to an outcome of distorted ethnicity images, antagonism against minority communities, and unfair treatment that may impact people’s future. No matter the movies in the last century, or in this era, even cartoons and comic-based films, can infect people’s mind in multiple levels and aspects, in which the stereotypes of minority people can lead to disrespect to Asian females, hatred emotion against black people, and inequity towards minorities as well. Hence, there is a call for the action that the Hollywood screenwriters and directors need to break the stereotyped images of people, and get to know people from minority groups with acceptance and respectfulness.

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