Not Just A Hat Rack Essay

Not Just A Hat Rack Essay

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Not Just a Hat Rack
Life is full of learning, and learning is full of life. The definition of learning is simply acquiring more knowledge or new information. The brain is designed to process and hold information. Everyone has the ability to learn, it is not only for “smart people.” An individual is smart because of what he or she learns. A person is transformed by the learning process, not for worse, but for the better. Fulfilling one’s true potential is acquired through learning. It allows people to find their niche. They find their area of expertise through learning. When someone finds a love for learning, they find enjoyment in life. Learning leads to a better life by benefitting humanities physically, technologically, and socially.
Learning can help a person become physically healthier through nutrition and exercise. Furthermore, knowing about foods that the body needs to function properly is fundamental to maintaining one’s physique. When one does not have the proper nourishment, it can have serious consequences. One problem in today’s society is that people are unknowingly unhealthy. Sugar is one substance that Americans abuse without knowing it. Sugar is not detrimental to the body if it is taken in conservative amounts. The daily intake of sugar is supposed to six to nine grams, and only a Sprite can shatter that. The overdose of sugar is leading to one of the growing problems in the United States that Michelle Obama has taken under her wing- Obesity. It could all be avoided if people take the time to know what they are eating. Many restaurants and products are now posting nutrition facts, which is starting to help the problem. A little tip is to avoid anything that comes in a box. These are usually processed and loaded...

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...e so because if people can share knowledge with one another and understand one another, they get along. Learning and its benefits are everywhere in the social realm.
Learning has proved its benefits in every aspect, especially in the physical, technological, and social realm. If a person is physically healthy than a person will more likely have a clear mind, and be better and able to thrive in the social realm. The key to success is learning. A person can change the world through knowledge. Everyone learns something new every single day. No one can know what is to happen in the future, but knowing about the past can aid in future instances. An abundance of intelligence benefits every aspect of life. Knowledge cannot hurt anyone, but ignorance can. The head is not just a hat rack; it houses the most important organ in the body- the brain, which makes it all possible!

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