Not a Goodbye but a See You Later Essay

Not a Goodbye but a See You Later Essay

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First thing is that you’re honestly going to be one of the best dads out there and your son should be static to call you his dad. Mr. Hopkins I have received wisdom and knowledge from you to succeed in life in whatever I set my mind to. I am so grateful for your presence. I have never felt this strong of a connection with any other teacher, adult, etc. Every conversation I have ever had with you has made me want to come back and keep talking with you. You have made a huge impact on my life that I will always remember. You have been by far the most influential people in my life so far. You are going to be that person that made such an impression on me that I will never forget in life as I move on to college, work and life. I will forever hold on to those things that you have said and done for me and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. I received confidence from you when I had none. You believed in my when others did not. I have collected determination and will power from you to preserve through all the difficulties that I will face in my life. All the talks we have had I can truly say I will miss them the most.
I was given insight by you on things that I felt were impossible in my life. You have been there for me through the good and bad. I remember the first time I talked to you, standing in your room while you sternly talked to me, I thought I was doomed and that I was going to hate you and your class and ironically I ended up growing close to you and loving your class. To all those who discouraged me that I shouldn’t be in GMA you encouraged me the whole way up that mountain. When I come back to visit GMA one thing I know I just have to do is come back and talk to you. See what you’re up to and tell you ab...

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...ber all the things you have done to make my stay at Gwynedd longer and more joyous.
It’s unbelievable that I’m writing this. Those years have flown by too fast. As much as I say I hate GMA and I want to kill myself in every day in class which I do at times, deep down I really do love it here at GMA is been a second home to me. It brings me to tears writing this because I have such fond memories of us and all the talks. This is not a goodbye letter though it may seem, I would like to stay contacted to you after high school. It’s hard to say goodbye now until we have another talk. Which who knows when that is going to be. Whatever I decide to do in life you will be one of those people that I will always remember. Another chapter in the book memories I will always save our conversations. To look back on and remember “yeah Mr. Hopkins made that difference in my life.”

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