Northern Canadian Health Policies Essay

Northern Canadian Health Policies Essay

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By examining the health policy and politics in Canada’s northern region from a historical perspective we see we see ever changing policies that reflect changing values. The determents of health are used as an analytical tool to tease out the failings of the intergovernmental approaches of the Canadian government towards First Nations and Inuit, in particular the Homelessness. The Homelessness is used for two reasons. The first being that Homelessness presents numerous health problems and the overcrowding associated may have contributed to the near problems of tuberculosis associated among First Nations and Inuit Communities. The second reason being, First Nations and Inuit the jurisdiction of health care coverage becomes even more convoluted. The tertiary reason being that they exemplify the issue of values in that these people who may feel unvalued and may not be valued by their community and society lack real representation within the health politics landscape.
Fourthly as we see from this paper there main contributing factors that lead to homelessness and if we assume socioeconomic is a determinant of health the implication is that the current political policies and politics present structured inequities that contribute to diminished health.
The impact of values with respect to the Northern Regions health policy and politics is further examined through a historical investigation of government institutes, political actors, and culture. The interesting factor is that the dispersion of responsibilities between the province and the federal level for the most part should allow for cultural influence to be addressed more effectively. However this leads to severe conflicts when examined in relation to the first nati...

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...l understanding and linguistic compatibility presents a serious problem. Non-Inuit practitioners are often perceived for being distant and from another culture, language and economy leading to an ineffectual and productive outcome.
An example of the affects of intergovernmental relations on health care can be seen through the issues of the homelessness. Nunavut’s approach regarding homelessness is that of administrative change. Instead of focusing on overcrowding and homelessness the Department of Health and Social services provides counselling and respite service. This approach is premised on associated determents of homelessness such as, emotional and psychical challenges. Addiction, violence, homelessness, criminal behaviour and parenting skills are addressed through counselling instead of investing on resolving issues such as limited housing and unemployment.

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