North Korean Sanctions On North Korea Essay

North Korean Sanctions On North Korea Essay

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There has been an ongoing issue with North Korea that does not seem to diminish. Instead it continues to expand putting the United States in an uncomfortable position. Much commotion has risen since the news broke out that North Korea has continued testing nuclear arms. It is known that North Korea took these drastic measures to defy the United Nations due to the sanctions resolution that was imposed this last month against them for defying the world and pushing on with its nuclear program. The sanction by the UN states, “The resolution aims to cripple parts of the North Korean economy that fuel its nuclear test and ballistic missile programs… member nations have agreed to inspect all planes and ships carrying North Korean imports and exports,” (CNN). As a result, North Korea is unhappy that their trade with other countries has been disturbed and in danger. Even though North Korea has claimed that they are going to attack the United States with their nuclear weapons, many officials and analysts have questioned if North Korea really has access to this high technology. According to the article since January 6, North Korea has at least conducted four nuclear tests and many more are to come. The only way to prevent this incident from escalating any further is for the United States and its allies to keep a close eye on every move that North Korea makes. (New York Times).
The United Nations is an institution that was established in October 24, 1945 after the great destruction of WWII. The UN’s main purpose is to maintain international peace and security all around the world. They do so by, “Preventive Diplomacy and Mediation, Peacekeeping, Peace building, Countering Terrorism, and Disarmament,” (UN Org). The UN is an important instit...

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... that they are retaliating because of the U.S. alliance with South Korea. It wants to weaken the U.S. badly enough that it would no longer be a great power and that way other countries can feel threaten. By hurting the U.S. it will give North Korea status that they contain enough power to conquer anything and everyone they want. If North Korea continues with their threat and if it actually implements it will have a major negative impact all over the world. Although the United States is the main target by releasing an atomic bomb the whole environment will be affected. The chemicals that would be release will affect the air quality contributing even more to global warming and furthering the unexpected climate changes as well as birth defects. Sooner or later either the U.S. or North Korea will take the initiation to attack first, and probably lead to a World War III.

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