North Korean Nuclear Weapon Program Essay

North Korean Nuclear Weapon Program Essay

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According to the figure 1, it shows that the security dilemma effectively took place in DPRK. From 1970 to 2000, DPRK’s military spending was increased by almost 30 times, resulting in more MID in the country. Therefore, it is safe to say that when there is more military spending the MID also tends to increase. On the other hand, when there is more MID and vice versa.
this data proves my argument that predicts the reason why North Korea spends significant amount of money on military is because of the fear of neighboring countries, which then results in more military spending. As the military spending is increased in several states, the security dilemma starts to happen.
North Korean nuclear weapon program can be an another evidence that can prove that North Korea pursues defensive realism. Many scholars argue that the nuclear weapon made the world less conflictual (Jervis, 1998). After seeing the massive destruction in Hiroshima, the fear of being a target of nuclear attack made many countries around the world to think carefully when it comes to the issue of nuclear weapons. This fear can be seen from people’s intention to construct treaties and sanctions on nuclear arms. In 2003, North Korean official announced their withdrawal from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. This action implied that North Korea does not want to give away their nuclear weapon which is simply their shield.
Furthermore, according to Taliaferro’s assumption, a state who has a strong neighbor will have strong incentives to expand its military (Taliaferro, 2000). North Korea is surrounded by strong East Asian states, including South Korea, Japan, and China. China is both the regional power and major power while Japan is a major power (Volgy, 2016) The stat...

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...g dignity and legitimacy both in the domestic and global level. However, the reality is that their nuclear weapon is depreciating their legitimacy and global status instead of bringing positive outcome due to the negative message that their nuclear weapon is spreading in the world. Majority of the people around the world perceives North Korea as unfriendly dangerous country as a result of their nuclear weapon policy and messages that they give. Therefore, it comes to a conclusion that North Koreans do not obey global norms and interests instead, they choose to abstain from following global norms as they identify non-north Koreans as enemies. In terms of constructivists point of view, the reason why North Korean pursue military and nuclear power is because of their current regional and global identity, and also their interests that they further would like to achieve.

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