North Korea and Chinese Relations: Impact of Lockeian Elements on US Foreign Policy

North Korea and Chinese Relations: Impact of Lockeian Elements on US Foreign Policy

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Impact of Lockeian Elements on US Foreign Policy;
North Korean and Chinese Relations Due to Marxist-Leninist Policies and a Look at Korean Culture Resulting From Extreme Ideologies

The realist worldview of North Korea characterizes North Korea as a coalesced form of belligerence that must be dealt with through American containment and deterrence. Because of the rising fear produced by North Korea’s growing nuclear power and radical behavior toward the U.S., realists support using threats and pressure to force North Korea to shut down its nuclear program if necessary. A realization of true realism would include recognizing diplomacy as the major means of coming to an accord with North Korea in order to combat the hostility that has developed both from external and internal factors within North Korea. However, because American foreign policy and attitudes toward international security is predominantly realist, the U.S. provides its allies in East Asia with military supplies and maintains troops within the borders of the allied nations such as Japan and South Korea. As a result of this realist perception, surrounding countries such as North Korea and China also maintain a predominantly realist approach toward foreign affairs and continue to increase and modernize their military and military related technological advancements. Furthermore, U.S. influence in East Asia encourages its allies to maintain an isolated approach towards North Korea and remain uncooperative. President Obama’s foreign policy continues to maintain bilateral alliances with Japan and Taiwan which discourages the creation of multilateral agreements between North Korea and countries in East Asia. This discouragement has caused the proliferation of t...

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...y, stability, and establishment of civility in the region.


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