North Kore National Security Advisor Lens Essay

North Kore National Security Advisor Lens Essay

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North Korea through National Security Advisor Lens
North Korea is a rogue state. A nation whose actions and behavior could set off a deadly regional conflict. A conflict which could involve the use of nuclear warheads. Since the end of the Korean War tensions have run high between the opposing sides. The biggest cause for concern for the U.S. and South Korea is North Korea’s continual test of nuclear weapons paired with its aggressive behavior towards its reginal neighbors. A miss calculation by North Korea during one of these tests could result in full blown conventional war in the region. A conflict that would cause heavy casualties on both sides. This is why it is of the up most importance that the United States work with its regional partners to stabilize the Korean Peninsula by stopping North Korea’s proliferation of nuclear weapons. The current polices have proven ineffective and it is time something is done before it is too late. The best way to denuclearize North Korea is by guaranteeing their external security; the U.S. gradually lifts economic sanctions, and enter into a regional security agreement with North Korea.
The United States has several interests tied to ending North Korean Nuclear testing. The U.S. wants to end North Korea’s development and proliferation of nuclear weapons (“National Military Strategy” 2). The continuation of this behavior is a direct threat to the U.S.’s regional allies South Korea and Japan, and in the near future the United States itself (“National Military Strategy” 2). If North Korea is left unchecked there is a risk of escalation in the region (“National Security Strategy” 10). The United States hopes to gain safety and security in the region and for itself by unarming...

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...stockpile is making them not feel threatened (Huntley 482). While entering into a mutual security agreement with China and North Korea goes against current foreign policy it is the only way to stabilize that region since no other options have worked. Having a stable region without the chance a nuclear attack is a much better situation to be in. Even though South Korea and Japan do not like it they follow the foreign policy lead of the U.S. meaning that they will fall in line (Klinger 12).
A nuclear North Korea is a dangerous ill rational state actor. With its nuclear capabilities it could plunge a whole region into war. This is why this radical new strategy must be used. Even though it would bring the United States into a closer relationship with the dictator it would deescalate the region. This is a foreign policy that would make the world a safer place.

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