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The North And South Of The United States Essay examples

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In the years 1800-1850 the North and South of the United States were very different but they clashed head on as people expanded west. As people from both sides of the US moved Westward they took there beliefs, traditions and attitudes with them. Due to the West being nearly empty it was a blank slate for the people moving there to paint with their own beliefs, economies and ways of life. However this was not easy, because there was such a deep riff in the lives of people from clashing sides of the US. Both the North and South of the Early United States had different economies, social structures, ways of life and ideas on the issue of Slavery.
The North and south were not just divided in geography and ideas on slavery there were many variables that made the two parts of the country so different. One of the first is Economy despite being in the same country the types of economy of the two sides were as different as night and day. During the early 1800’s many of the people in the US were still Farmers, even if you didn’t work on a farm you depended on them for your job. Many people who worked in the transportation industry relied on the crops needing to moved to get there pay check. However as time went on the Northern part of the countries began going from small farming towns to bustling industrial cities. Merchants, traders and shipbuilders thrived on the early colonial ports and water ways. Other places like Milwaukee and Chicago went from small towns to large factory cities in just a few years. Part of the rapid growth was due to the sheer amount of immigrants moving to the US. The growing number of jobs attracted many people to come to America. Like the North many people of the south started as small town farmers, their economy...

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...y saying it was still better than working in a factory. The issue of whether slaver should be allowed or not would cause a riff for years to come.
After all this how would the West turn out? It is hard to say do to the different geography and the, mix of people moving westward. I feel that the west would look more like the Early 1800’s with many small farms and only a few factories and plantation. I do also believe there would be slavery in the west although the economy would not be as dependent on it as it was in the south. In conclusion I feel like the west although it is a mix of both sides of the United States it will take on a unique identity. It won’t be as industrial as the North or as dependent on slave labor as the South. I believe that it will be much like the early American farm lands; with the luxury of still being connected to the rest of the country.

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