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North and Central Florida Springs Essay example

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Groundwater is the largest and most available usable source of drinking water in the state. There is a vast and mysterious system of caves and natural springs in North Central Florida. The cave system within the aquifer is one of the most amazing parts. The caves are remarkable in many ways. They are among the deepest and longest in the world, let alone the U.S. Another amazing aspect of the system is the purity of the water. The springs collectively produce billions of gallons of crystal clear water per day. The whole system stems from the Florida Aquifer that rests under the entire state. When most people think of Florida, they think of the weather and the beaches, but its the springs and the whole water system of the Florida Aquifer that makes the State so lush. The springs are an invaluable resource and natural wonder of the state. Combined, the system of 320 known springs produces nearly 8 billion gallons of water per day, more than the state currently uses (although at present population growth, this remains to be seen). The springs of North Florida have always been a wonder. From the days of the Spanish Conquistadors searching for the "fountain of youth" to the millions of tourists that come to visit the springs today they have intrigued and amazed. With crystal clear waters feeding rivers that can disappear as quickly as they appeared the springs truly are an amazing sight. It was always thought that these springs were an unlimited resource, but scientists have discovered that man's influence can harm these spring. The Biscayne Aquifer in South Florida are already showing signs of a reduced flow due to the overpopulation of the area. The whole system is very fragile and we must all be ...

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...d protect the water. There are grass roots organizations trying to help their areas and organizations like NSWA, but we need some cohesive concerted group effort if anything is going to get done. Individuals need to do their part to help preserve and protect the natural springs and the whole water system. The NSWA continues its lobbying of the FDA in its fight with the bottlers that use boreholes. Other groups are also helping and if they work together they may yet save one of our states most important resources. Although groups like the NSWA and Save Our Springs, Inc. have won small battles and stalled the advances of some companies, they are facing a booming 3 billion dollar industry with its own powerful lobbyists. The battle is far from over to protect our springs and everyone should be made aware of their obligation to help protect this invaluable resource.

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