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Made famous by the late comedian Flip Wilson, the Devil made me do it, was a quirky phrase used to pass the blame to the one entity that no one would expect anything but a mischievous act. This annoying saying became overused to the point of nausea in the seventies and became synonymous with acts of slapping girls’ bottoms or pinching in places better left unmentioned. When handed the list of book titles and authors to choose from, I immediately went for Norman Mailer. I had heard of him and some of his antics in the past and quickly decided he was the one. The author of over forty books and eleven published novels, Mailer is almost as well-known for his public activities and persona. His novel The Castle in the Forest which the sources review was his last. According to these sources the reviews are mixed. Which might be a good thing due to the frivolity of the content or that Mailer could go out on a good note depending on the review you held to be truest. Mailer takes a very dark and fearful time in history and looks at it from the point of a family story of one of the most notorious and perverted dictators since Attila the Hun. Norman Mailer’s writings seem to reflect his personal life in that he continually portrays the ongoing battle between God and the Devil. His life has been a continuous internal battle with good and evil, right and wrong, and darkness and light.
Reading through the articles I chose to get my information from; I went through a gamut of emotion. Thinking that the novel was to be about the life of one of histories most infamous and notorious figures, Adolf Hitler, and one of the cruelest yet fascinating times of war, my interest was piqued. I was disappointed to read on and discover that World War II a...

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... and a spectacle in the public eye, but having never read one of his books my curiosity has been squelched. It turns out that in my eye, the myth is bigger than the man. His writings have long been on the cutting edge and his themes often tend to deal with the ongoing battle between God and the devil for the control of the human emotions. Mailer’s life reflects this very ideal in his personal antics and struggles.

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