Essay Norman Bates Off Of Bates Motel On Ae Channel

Essay Norman Bates Off Of Bates Motel On Ae Channel

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For my paper I have decided to write it on Norman Bates off of Bates Motel on AE channel. Norman is that typical shy 18 year old boy in class who is very friendly and a little odd. He has a very close relationship with his mother, some view it as too close. She has been very protective of Norman his whole life which has caused him to become very possessive and dependent on her. His father was killed in an apparent accident at their previous home which is what his mother told him. The real reason his dad died was because Norman killed him when he was a young boy. He hated his father because he was abusive and killed him to protect his mother. As a young man, he is fascinated by women but feels guilty for having these urges. He imagines seeing his mom a lot and believes that it is really her telling him to do things and talking to him. This voice of hers that he hears tells him what to do, she comes out usually when he is put into a situation with a woman who is viewed to be promiscuous. This voice that he hears starts to tell him that he needs to kill these women that he has these encounters with. He starts spying on women that stay at the family motel and then starts to kill some of them and even a few women that he knows personally. He only does this because him “mom” says so. When this murders happen, Norman blacks out and has no recollection of them happening. Norman has a very jealous view point of his mother. He doesn 't like the idea of her being with a man and some times gets a little too close with her, as if he wants to be with her romantically. He finds himself secretly dressing in his mothers clothes and some times he even thinks that he is her.

According to our text, Theories of Personality, Sigmund Freud described...

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... development of children. Norman was witness to some very terrible things and it even caused him to murder his own father. Which is a memory he chose to repress. It makes sense to me that him seeing his mother is a defense mechanism to deal with these conscious and subconscious memories. He deals with these urges by blacking out and letting his mom get the blood on her hands.
From doing this analysis it has led me to an interesting conclusion. There are so many theorists and theories out there that have different opinions on why a person is the way that they are. I really don 't think that there is a right or wrong answer. Maybe the best way to figure it out is by taking a little bit of information from each one and making a diagnosis from there. The personality is such a complex thing to figure out that I feel it takes several view points to come to a conclusion.

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