The Normal Heart Of A Blood Essay

The Normal Heart Of A Blood Essay

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As I find myself waking up at 1:10 in the morning, wondering the real meaning of this virus. The only though that could come to mind was to research information on it. I came across this movie called, "The Normal Heart". This movie wasn’t like anything I 've ever seen, normally several movies that would introduce the virus would avoid any true facts about it. Even though there are lots of movies, books, and documentaries I only received fact from this movie. What really started this, where did it come into existence, is it a Zoonosis, is this virus man-made?
There it was the outbreak. In the mid 70 's - early 80 's, scientist began to experiment on the virus, giving every gay man a blood test. The testing started in New York at a blood center. There was a sign outside the blood center stating, "Men who have sex with men blood donor controversy with other men, regardless of wheatear they identify themselves as bisexual, gay, or otherwise. Opposition to the prohibition is frequently addressed in terms of bisexual and gay men". I can honestly say that was the most rude, horrible, uncomfortable thing I have ever had to read. I read an article and it said, "The provision argues that MSM are at higher risk of contracting and transmitting HIV and hepatitis, posing a health risk to potential blood recipients. However, this policy stigmatizes all gay men, regardless of their status, as public health risks. Under this discriminatory measure even HIV negative and otherwise healthy gay men cannot donate blood". The gay man in this era was undercoverly gay and didn’t want to feel or look humiliated, and that just how they felt. Scientist started the blood test because people were just dying and no one kn...

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...plants are very dangerous and it 's still not fully understood why the procedure worked in this case. Scientists have also tried giving babies born to HIV-positive mother’s early treatment to stop HIV hiding in their body and prevent it from spreading. In 2013, a baby in Mississippi, USA received treatment just 30 hours after birth, and another baby from California, USA was treated in 2014 when she was just four hours old. Unfortunately, HIV has since been found in the Mississippi baby and a similar outcome is expected for the California baby. Functional cures are difficult to achieve because HIV hides just out of reach in hidden 'reservoirs '. Destroying the reservoirs may be the key to curing HIV. There has also been lots of research into an HIV vaccine. However, it would only offer partial protection and would need to be used in combination with other treatments.

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