Essay on Norfolk Southern : Health And Wellness

Essay on Norfolk Southern : Health And Wellness

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Norfolk Southern: Health and Wellness
1. Background
Norfolk Southern Railway Corporation was formed in 1982. This company has been around under many other names throughout the history of the United States, with the constant mergers and acquisitions in railroading history. In northern Indiana the railroads were originally New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroad, these two lines merged to become Penn Central. Penn Central went bankrupt and the United States government merged them with other railroads to form Conrail. In the early 2000’s the government then sold portions of Conrail to the largest railroads in the country and Norfolk Southern purchased the Chicago Line which runs through northern Indiana. This is only a small portion of the company’s history but is the part that is important in context to Norfolk Southern Elkhart yard, where I am currently employed.

2. Human Resource Need
The human resources situation that needs to be evaluated at Elkhart Yard would be a sub set of Risk Management and Worker Protection, more specifically the health and wellness of employees. Many of the employees at Norfolk Southern have a tendency to be overweight or even obese. Something that would be beneficial to the corporation would be to Norfolk Southern would be having healthier employees as most transportation jobs are quite stagnant.
On average an engineer or conductor will move less than 10% of their shift while sitting still for the other 90% this stagnation leads to employees gaining weight, along with the unhealthy eating lifestyle that comes along with staying in a hotel when at the away from home terminal. A good example of this would be myself, as a road conductor my weight went from around 220lbs all the way to almost 300 in...

... middle of paper ...

...thing but sweets in these machines. The second step to this change would be a menu update at the restaurants attached to the hotels where the road crews are housed at their away from home terminals. These first two items would both be low cost, while giving employees the ability to better themselves physically and lead healthier lives.
The final step in this program would be to add subsidized gym memberships for all employees who show interest. There are many employees who have trouble passing their physicals due to blood pressure or other health related problems that can be linked back to obesity. Many individuals in the employ of this company would take advantage of a corporate paid gym membership that would not only improve their morale and work performance but also limit health related down time saving the company money paying for employees to fill in for them.

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