Nordstrom 's Retail Positioning Strategy Essay

Nordstrom 's Retail Positioning Strategy Essay

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Nordstrom’s retail positioning strategy provides it with the competitive edge it needs to differentiate it from competitors who also serve similar markets.

First, Nordstrom is unique through its excelling customer service. As a full-service retailer, Nordstrom assists customers in every phase of the shopping process. Because they carry more specialty goods, customers will need and want more assistance leading to increased value of customer service. One of their policies is that they will accept any merchandise that people bring back without asking any questions. As a result, people feel more confident about purchasing products from there, since they can buy something with the comfort and knowledge that Nordstrom has an excellent return policy, so they can return it whenever they want. Since Nordstrom tends to promote from within, employees are also more motivated to provide outstanding customer service experience. Salespeople are additionally paid based on commission. Because of this, they have high standards of employees. Finally, Nordstrom only hires individuals who are able to meet their customer service expectations. This services mix creates an unbeatable and distinguishable customer relationship management, which is becoming increasingly important. This strategy of increased focus on customer service attracts customers through building relationships with customers so that they are more likely to return. It also creates a competitive advantage because other stores do not provide personalized customer service to the degree that Nordstrom does.
Furthermore, the store atmosphere is a distinct aspect of Nordstrom. Nordstrom retail stores have large hallways, and everything is presented in a very classy manner. The color sche...

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...ty of products. Nordstrom sells women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, handbags, and even some home products like kitchen and bath products. As a result, customers are able to shop for anything necessary from their daily attire to home décor. Nevertheless, they also keep up with fashion trends in order to keep a competitive advantage.
This product assortment is presented to consumers through areas such as shopping centers or malls. Since these areas have high traffic, more people will go to their stores. These physical stores also have strong information systems, which allow stores to quickly access all inventory throughout all stores, so if a size is out of stock, they will be able to retrieve it from another store for a customer. Through this place decision of using large retail stores and technology, Nordstrom differentiates itself with this efficiency.

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