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No matter how successful the Nordic Model may be in producing and expanding human welfare it will always be subject to attack as long as human nature remains at its current state of evolution.
-The Nordic News Network
Scandinavia is a region of Northern Europe that includes Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. All the countries of Scandinavia share similar languages, are ethnically homogeneous, and are known to be punctual, honest, and modest. While each country does have its differences, they all have one major thing in common: the Nordic Model. All the Scandinavian countries are Social Democracies, which basically means that citizens pay high taxes, but in return the government provides a great deal of things to everyone. However, there is also criticism of the welfare state, with complaints ranging from people taking advantage of the system to dissatisfaction of the brutal taxation. Although the Nordic Model has its problems, the benefits and the quality of life that results from it outweighs the bad, which is shown by the prosperous Scandinavian states.
The Nordic Model is the term for the Scandinavian states economic system. The government equally provides the same thing for each of its citizens. Many things are provided by the government, like universities, health care, maternity leave and social security. But there are other aspects of the Nordic Model too. Social Democrats support regulated private enterprise, high taxes in return for high public service, thorough working laws, like minimum wage and working conditions, and a strong policy of equality for all citizens. However, to make all these things possible, citizens must pay high taxes. In Norway, for example, the majority of ...

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