Nora Helmer From A Dollhouse By Henrik Ibsen Essay

Nora Helmer From A Dollhouse By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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Analyzing Nora Helmer from A Dollhouse By: Henrik Ibsen
First impressions are everything as introductions of characters can make or break an opportunity to entice a reader with the prospect of a new perspective. Writers must emphasize on the characters ' body language, physical appearance, and colloquialisms for their readers to determine whether they will be able to relate and enjoy the literature of their choice. Henrik Ibsen, the play writer of A Dollhouse first impression of his major character Nora Helmer, is reveled to us through other characters at first as the antagonist of his play. The story begins with her deliberately lying to her husband about her transactions of money he gives her as an allowance. She burns through it on clothes, cheap toys for their children, and hidden sweets. Adding to the abstraction of her character, her old school mate Mrs. Linde highlights Nora 's ignorance of the bitter world outside her home. She 's never endured the back breaking work or intensity of long hours because between the working hands of Mr. Helmer, the nurse and maid, everything is done for her. However, through out the story Ibsen portrays the reasoning for her spend theft and immature tendencies due to risky and broken taboos. While various characters ruminate over Nora 's flaws and current emotional state, Ibsen reveals to his readers she is the protagonists. Forsooth, her beliefs, goals, and inner strength of a dynamic character are driven to justify the lives of those she loves. Nora, as well as her ideas and interactions with in the play, are a symbolic references of Ibsen 's work to display and promote the Realistic Movement with in the Theater.
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...Ibsen 's characters and interactions with one another also revealed problematic issues among the Norwegian government and public during the 19th century. Nora Helmer 's description of her spouse treating her like a doll in a dollhouse, signifies Ibsen 's perspective of the government "playing" with society 's emotions and lives. Ibsen exiled himself to escape the tensions of his native country 's political transmission and to gain a new perspective of governing by living in Germany and Italy. Nora 's decision of leaving is parallel to the story of her creator. Although her departure could be misinterpreted as giving up, there weren 't any successful explanations Nora could provide for her husband because of his pride in appearance. Ibsen 's concludes the only solution for her husband to change was to leave and let his simplistic ideals of Nora determine his future.

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