Essay on Nonviolent Protests And Its Effect On Social Change

Essay on Nonviolent Protests And Its Effect On Social Change

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Toulmin Model
Maj: Violent protests destroy property, cost lives, and does little to bring social change.
Min: Nonviolent protests have brought about more social change than violent protest.
Conclusion: Nonviolent protest are more effective than violent protest in effort to bring about social change.
Qualifier: In most cases
Ground #1: Peaceful protest brings people together.
Data, warrant, backing
Peaceful protest brings people together. According to Currans (2014), a group of women gathered outside a library in Manhattan, New York to protest war, rape, ethnic cleansing, and human rights for everyone around the world. The women handed out flyers to people who were nearby. Throughout the protest other women saw that the protest was for a good cause and did not have any violence tagged to and joined it. People who participate in peaceful protest, not only want to make a change, but they want to do it in a positive way, excluding the violent tactics.
Lyons (2015), tells a story about the Montgomery Buss Protest, that took place in 1957. Lyons stated how the peaceful protest that was led by Dr. Martin Luther King J.R., brought people together. People held hands and sang freedom songs as they protested. According to Stefani (2015), protestors would sing spiritual songs because singing had the effect of bringing closeness. The singing was so powerful that it touched people near and far. People from all over joined, they wanted to make a change and they wanted to do it peacefully.
In a recent article, written by Lovenheim (2016), stated that a group of teachers went on strike in Seattle. The teachers insisted that the strike was not only about the teacher’s salary, but about the children’s education. The strike gained su...

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...poverty, and lack of economic opportunity. If it was not for the violent protestors no light would have been shed on the way black were being treated.
Some may argue that violence does not solve anything, but as stated violence is the answer to change. Talking things out, holding hands, and chanting is not enough. Violence gets attention. Violence has been the catalyst that was required to bring about progress. A person can march up and down the payment all day long, but only violence bring change and without it, all there is, is silence. The bible itself states that if a person commits a crime the punishment is an eye for an eye. Often peaceful protestors turn violent when they see that the nonviolent tactics are not working. Violent protest is the tool that is used to how frustrated and dissatisfied people are with the system and it get the point across.

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