Nonverbal Communication And Listening Skills Essay

Nonverbal Communication And Listening Skills Essay

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Nonverbal Communication and Listening Skills
Some may ask what nonverbal communication is. Some may ask why we need listening skills. Nonverbal communication and listening skills are an significant component of communication. We use nonverbal communication to influence others actions. We use listening skills to guarantee that we see each other’s views and minds. As much we learn to decipher nonverbal cues we also require to listen to others in order to be able to find out what others may be attempting to enjoin us.
The most common definition found in undergraduate textbooks is that nonverbal communication comprises all behaviors that are not words. (Guerrero, Floyd, pg. 4) Nonverbal communication is highly meta-communicative. We routinely use nonverbal communication behaviors to enhance, clarify, or qualify the meaning of a verbal message. (Guerrero, Floyd, pg. 3) We often use nonverbal communication even if we do not understand it. When we are sorry or happy our facial expressions are a sort of gestural communication. When we are happy we tend to smile or laugh, in which others view as nonverbal communication due that person can distinguish when you are glad. One way the meta-communicative aspect of nonverbal behavior can aid the development and maintenance of personal relationships is by allowing people to express what they can’t—or shouldn’t—express verbally (Burgoon, Buller, & Woodall, 1996). (Guerrero, Floyd, pg. 4) Although we use facial expressions as a cue for nonverbal communication, it is difficult to tell when nonverbal cues are correctly shown. Some people may use facial expressions one way, but really mean something else. Nonverbal communication can be important to employ when you infer how a person is intending a n...

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... an assignment or even when problems may occur at home. Studies show using a systematic process of documentation reveled other langue’s that the boys used (e.g., gesturing), which demonstrated that they were capable of listening and interested in participating with peers. (Suarez, Daniels, pg. 187)
Although nonverbal communication is an important part of communication to express certain feelings we need to remember just because someone seems to be one way does not mean they are feeling that way. Listening is just as important part of communication as nonverbal or even verbal communication. Without listening we are not able to understand how a person feels or how we are supposed to do a job correctly. As each is just as important it is always important to use both nonverbal and listening skills in communication to show that we understand each other in everyday life.

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