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Nontraditional Casting Essay

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Nontraditional Casting
Nontraditional casting is also known as colour-blind casting and integrated casting. Non-traditional casting is defined as the casting of ethnic minority and female actors in roles where race, ethnicity, or sex is not considered. Watching Hollywood movies, there is much diversity in a movie depending on what the genre is. Hollywood looks for actors that fit the physical and talent description directors are looking for. Hollywood work with what they only have, not based on color. Hollywood actually takes advantage of the multicultural world. If they need an African American, American Asian, Indian, Mexican actor they’ll scout out for the ones they desire. It’s true that majority of movies and TV shows are Caucasian actors, that is only because this is America. If we were to go to Mexico, majority actors on movies and TV shows are Mexican and if we go to Korea, Thailand, or Japan, majority of the actors on movies and TV shows are Asians.
Mainly , diversity has lots of admirers. If an idea can be said to be important simply because of the number of people who uphold it, diversity is indeed an important idea that many millions of Americans regard it so. it shows television networks in Hollywood that accepts diversity. They have also given us training programs for limited number of individuals, such as broadcast training program, New York assistant director training program, and many others listed. “ABC Talent Development provides a variety of programs to help aspiring individuals in the fields of acting, writing, directing, and production.” There is more from where that came from; NBC, CBS, FOX…etc, they are all official channels on television and is all committed to making diversity a reality. There are ple...

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...rance, be open-minded, helpful, and fair.”

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