Noni and Maalox: A Specific Comparison of Traditional and Industrial Medicine

Noni and Maalox: A Specific Comparison of Traditional and Industrial Medicine

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FACT: Two in three people are affected by ulcers. The more shocking revelation is that almost all of these people do not experience any symptoms (Pearlstein). It is a silent killer. There are two known ways of curing ulcers. One is the traditional way, which is history based and a scientifically proven remedy for ulcers. The other is the industrial way, which is a controversial issue that is scientifically based and historically inefficient. Noni is a naturally occurring plant that is native to the Pacific islands. Noni has been attributed to cure a wide range of medical diseases but not everything is scientifically supported. Noni has a very intriguing chemical composition which makes it the center of studies for most biochemists in today’s world. Noni is much more efficient than Maalox, one of the industrially produced medicines, because it minimizes more lesions, has fewer side effects, and can be utilized for a long period of time.
Noni is a good lesion minimizer. Its high saponin content helps the stomach stabilize its acidity. Saponin is attributed to various medicinal properties of plants like their gastroprotective properties (Murakami et al.). Thus, Noni’s anti-ulcer abilities are mainly attributed to its saponin content. Some botanists also attribute it to xeronine, another chemical that naturally occurs in Noni (Heinicke). Its effects are still to be proven but it can also help explain Noni’s gastroprotective activity. Saponin and xeronine are very well treated by the body and their cumulative effects are very beneficial. It is also very organic to the human body and it does not produce dangerous substances that harm the body. Noni has a good chemical composition that makes it a better anti-ulcerant than other industr...

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