Non-Violence: Merely a Dream Essay

Non-Violence: Merely a Dream Essay

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Non- violence is wanted by many but practiced by few. It is not a feasible option, nor is it an alternative for today’s world at all. The world is not seen as a peaceful place to each unique person because of the many diverse religions, cultures, and beliefs that comprise us. Things seen in one’s eyes may be something totally different in another’s. Quoted by Gandhi himself “One man’s food could be another’s poison,” hence in some religions, terrorism is seen as the acceptable thing to do; yet in others, it may be seen as horrible and horrific (450). Although Gandhi had many great beliefs and theories, the world itself has many of its own too.
Violence in today’s world is undoubtedly common, as seen on our very own college campus. Here at Temple University crimes that had taken place on campus grew from 253 in 2007 to 324 in 2009 (1). This not only shows how common violence is, but how it is progressively growing in number from year to year. In this case, it shows that some people cannot control their tempers, which results to violence and aggressiveness. As Gandhi says, “I believe in violence just as most people do,” he shows us that violence plays a part in most people’s lives in today’s world, just as it is a part of his life (454). People often result to the easiest way out or the faster way around instead of accomplishing something the right way. Dealing with hardships becomes stressful, and stress is exhorted through anger. Subsequently anger turns to violence, and this vicious cycle continues. Other than violence, Gandhi also talks about suffering.
Suffering to most is seen as painful and unpleasant, just as it is defined. This is the opposite of Gandhi‘s thoughts, “Take up suffering voluntarily and find...

... middle of paper ... as Gandhi tells us, “In life it will be impossible to eschew violence completely” (450).

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