Essay on Non Verbal Language

Essay on Non Verbal Language

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A gesture can go a long way and mean a lot of things, but it is up to the person who interprets these gestures to truly define them. These interpretations go along way and apply for all non-verbal language such body language, eye contact, noises, sign language, and body contact. Not only do these interpretations rely on the person but also vary because of the different cultures around the world. Although the opposition might argue that non-verbal language is the same across the world because it is essentially composed of the same actions, in reality it is different because there are various interpretations of the actions.
All gestures are performed the same way. For the simple action of pointing, we all extended our hand and straighten the index finger; wrap our arms around a person to give a hug, but the actions’ interpretation is the factor that makes the same gesture mean many different things.
There are different dynamics that go into the interpretation of non-verbal language. Even though the opposition is valid in that the motions and actions to perform the non-verbal language are the same all around the world, it is more reasonably argued that the non-verbal language that was just performed is interpreted differently and therefore the non-verbal language that is the same in essence is different in meaning, and thats why they are different “words”.
A simple hug can mean love, care, intimacy, sympathy, and it strengthens our bonds and makes us healthier and happier. A thing that is so simple and automatic is actually full of hidden little signals and coded messages that are different for each person, and type of hug. For example the position of the hands. The hands can tell alot about the people that are hugging and the int...

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...sly such as a head nod, eye contact, or even gestures that are intentional and more obvious such as pointing of the finger, hugs, aggressive postures, or even handshakes speak. The unspoken words are interpreted differently based on a number of factors. These factors can be the relationship between the two people, the culture of the two people, and the intention of the gesture. Although the gestures are the same action, yet the interpretation of the gestures varies; composed of the same movement, the importance of the non-verbal language can be best understood by the many different definitions that they provide on a global scale. By being able to have hundreds of different meanings, and breaking down different verbal language barriers these non-verbal language becomes subjectable to interpretation, is essential to communication, and more important than a spoken word.

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