Non Verbal Communication During The Objective Structured Clinical Examination

Non Verbal Communication During The Objective Structured Clinical Examination

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The title of this article is "Evaluating Medical Students ' Non-Verbal Communication During the Objective Structured Clinical Examination." The objective of this study is to observe the impact of non-verbal communication used between medical students and patients. Eighty-nine interviews were conducted and each student was evaluated on ten-non verbal behaviors. A couple non-verbal behaviors that were assessed are head movements, facial expressions and movements, and eye gaze. After each interview, the patients gave ratings of the students on their interpersonal manner, attentiveness, patient 's understanding, plain language usage, and whether the patient would visit the doctor again. The results show that the patients gave a higher rating to the students who nodded when listening, looked at the patient while they are talking and spoke at the same volume and speed as that of the patient. The results for nodding suggests that doctors who use nodding have a greater chance in building a better relationship and having higher patient satisfaction.
Based on these findings, it can be said that using appropriate non-verbal communication helps patients feel more satisfied with their visit. Our job, as pharmacists, is to help out the patient in anyway. We focus on patient satisfaction and patient compliance. Some essential non-verbal behaviors that pharmacists should do include nodding, constant eye contact and attentiveness. These specific non-verbal behaviors can impact a patient 's visit to the pharmacy. It is the pharmacist 's job make sure the patient is satisfied with their care. In doing so, pharmacist and patient will build a better relationship and the patient is more likely to come back for future visits.

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...nt. According to the participants, non-verbal behaviors should be concise in order for the patient to easily understand the behaviors. Two factors that affect non-verbal behaviors are gender and age.
Non-verbal communication is very important between pharmacists and patients. Pharmacists have to be able to use non-verbal communication and to be able to observe patient 's non-verbal behaviors. Patient satisfaction is influenced by non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication also allows better connection and collaboration between patients and pharmacists. However, non-verbal communication should be different when addressing patients of different age groups and gender. Older patients need more non-verbal cues due to probable hearing problems and younger patients need non-verbal cues because they have the tendency to not listen to verbal cues.

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