Non-Stop Movie Review: A Ticking Timebomb 40,000 Feet in the Air Essay

Non-Stop Movie Review: A Ticking Timebomb 40,000 Feet in the Air Essay

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Non-Stop Terror, A ticking time bomb 40,000ft in the air!
Making a film about the USA’s most feared terrorist attack and someone trying to prevent it, yea that sounds like a suspenseful two hours. Non-Stop, a suspenseful nonstop thriller witch is absolutely successful in providing an atmosphere of utmost distress and uncertainty. Liam Neeson is the perfect actor for this film; he is great at providing a sense of authority and the “wise man” attitude for any situation. Non-Stop is the perfect title and emphasizes the non-stop terror and calamity portrayed in a commercial airline 40,000ft. above sea level. The insane twist in this movie is realizing the least expected character turns out being the antagonist who plots to take down the transatlantic flight instead of the original plans.
Liam Neeson plays as flight marshal Bill Marks and has his outstanding reputation from his past films such as Schindler’s List, The Grey, Star Wars, and Taken. He usually plays the character of great authority such as inter-galactic Jedi Master, ex-FBI agent, or father. Jaume Collet-Serra directed and produced the 2014 film Non-Stop, also produced of Unknown, House of Wax, and Orphan. Bill Marks is a Federal Air Marshal and also an alcoholic due to his daughter’s death to cancer and his ex-wife. The film begins with him boarding transatlantic flight 10 from New York to London with no stops along the way. Once at cruising altitude he gets a mysterious text from an unknown number that has breached a federal network to communicate with Marks. The mystery man demands $150 million dollars deposited in a specific bank account or else he will kill one person on that flight every 20 minutes. He decides to break rules consulting the other Air Marshall Jack Ham...

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...e that of a video game. When the copilot forced the airplane down to drop altitude it would’ve been torn apart by the amount of airspeed it picked up. Once on the ground the police and their SWAT teams should’ve held everyone at gunpoint instead letting everyone just step out of the plane like nothing happened.
Even though this movie had its flaws I extremely enjoyed watching it with my family. My dad and I are working on our private pilot’s license and it was cool when we could actually understand what the pilot and the control tower were saying. The suspenseful part of when the antagonist was texting Neeson and the text just appeared on the movie screen was cool. I lved this movie and I would give it an 8/10 just because the animation and no one was held at gunpoint by the cops but the ending is amazing witch you will find out that Neeson becomes a very happy man.

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