Essay on The Non-random Sample

Essay on The Non-random Sample

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The sample was chosen non-randomly /non-probability sample/ and respondents had to complete the questionnaire. 40 from 42 students returned completed questionnaire /Response rate = 95,24%/. Not all of these subjects replied to every question, and thus analyses reported below have somewhat varying sample sizes. The sample was predominantly from developed countries (60%). This study asked students for their perceptions regarding to knowledge of and attitudes towards TNCs as the following: Can you say which company is TNC? How do you rate your overall assessment of the TNCs' impact in the world economy? What do you think are the reasons for TNCs to operate in other countries? What are the positive and negative effects for the developing countries in collaborating with TNCs? The questionnaire was divided into three parts: first two questions were about to find out how deep are the respondents’ basic information about TNCs; Q3-Q6 asked about respondents’ attitudes towards TNCs and their overall assessment and last two questions were informative /personal factual questions/designed to help...

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