Non Profit Organizations Focus Their Missions Essay

Non Profit Organizations Focus Their Missions Essay

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Many non-profit organizations focus their missions on helping those in poverty, but they are addressing the problem on the individual level. This might make a difference for that one person or family, but not to the thousands of others who are in very similar situations due to circumstances of their demographic group. Studying poverty holistically, in relation to specific groups, is an essential step to solving the problem of poverty as a whole. There are a few, wide-spread, solvable social problems involving employment that are facing the groups of women and transgender people that play a significant role in how they came to live under the poverty line. The issue of employment includes: underemployment, unequal wages and hiring discrimination.
When the demographics of poverty are exhibited, racial, educational, and economic differences receive the most attention. However, gender is one of the largest demographic groups one person can belong to and thus, deserves a more integrated research approach to solve these problems on a larger scale. According to a report titled Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2012 completed by the US Census, 16.3 percent of females were in poverty, as compared to 13.6 percent of men (C. DeNavas-Walt, B. D. Proctor, J. C. Smith, 2012) .
The Center for American Progress said “The National Health and Social Life Survey, the General Social Survey, and the U.S. Census Bureau do not ask questions about gender identity, so national data on the current state of poverty among transgender Americans is extremely limited (Quintana, 2009, p. 2).” However, there are several studies available surrounding adversity in the lives of transgender people- ranging from unequal pay to a signi...

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...tto, 2011, p. 39).” The measure was designed for “temporary emergency use” in the 1960s and is no longer applicable to the modern family in a world where food costs have dropped, housing has gone up and the cost of childcare has come into the equation (Hutto, 2011).
The Equal Employment Opportunity law has a higher effect on non-whites and women in times of prosperity, than in times of high unemployment, at which time, men are given preference (Burstein, 1985). This can have a dangerous effect on employability. In addition, “large numbers of transgender people being entangled in the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems where they are subjected to extreme harassment and violence. Given these conditions, the need for an understanding of the operations of gender regulation on gender-transgressive people in the context of poverty is urgent.” (Currah, 2006, p. 220)

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