Non-Profit Organizations and The Media Essay

Non-Profit Organizations and The Media Essay

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For a long time the ways that non-profit organizations raise money was the same. They used solicitation letters as a way to reach out and engage new audiences to financially support their organizations. Then with the rise of the internet, they were able to use mass emails. Now there is an even newer form of technology that allows organizations to fundraise and gain new audiences. This new medium is social media. Stone brings up some good points about using social media to fundraise. He quotes Stannard-Stockton, chief executive of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors, as saying, “It’s pretty well documented that social media is by no means an easy way to raise money, but it is a rather fantastic way to build a network of supporters.” Using a few other articles this paper will explore how nonprofits need to properly use social media and how it can help their organizations in return.
One important guideline that organizations need to follow is to tell a story through their social media platforms. Patel says, “Waggner Edstrom’s report on digital persuasion found that more than half of survey respondents have been inspired to take action when they engage with a cause after reading a story on social media. It’s not enough to simply exist on a platform: nonprofits have to produce stories and visuals that their audiences connect to in order to succeed” (Patel, 2013). It does not help nonprofits to have a Facebook page or a Twitter account without doing anything with it. They must tell a story and not just have posts asking for money. Boies also points this out by saying, “Don’t simply ask your community for their hard earned-money, show them who and what will benefit from their donations” (Boies, 2013). Organizations have to explain and convi...

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...nizations to use if they are careful with how they use it.

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