Essay on Non-Profit Organization Analysis

Essay on Non-Profit Organization Analysis

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There used to be a time when zoos used to be full of animals. A time when extinction was not a problem. That was the past. Today, zoos all around the world are missing many animals such as the African elephant or the dodo bird. All of these wonderful animals became extinct because we were careless enough to let them all die. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an organization that is trying to prevent extinction from happening. WWF is an environmental organization dedicated to “protecting the world’s wildlife and wetlands” ("World Wildlife Fund"). It is one of the largest private supported conservation organizations in the world, with support from one million members in just the United States. WWF was formed on September 11, 1961 in Morges, Switzerland by Sir Peter Scott. It originally worked by fundraising and providing grants to existing non-governmental organizations. As more resources became available, its operations expanded into other areas such as the preservation of biological diversity. This organization is mostly volunteer-led. Volunteers of all ages are welcome at WWF, whether it is a student looking for volunteer opportunities or an adult looking to help animals. WWF also offers internships for college students who are looking to gain experience for their jobs. Not only does WWF help protect the environment, it also helps protect endangered species and spaces like national parks. WWF saves the animals through varieties of programs, including “education, habitat conservation and increasing the capacity of local governments and people within the endangered animals’ home” ("World Wildlife Fund"). WWF has gained most of its publicity from periodic fundraisers in which volunteers go from door to door asking people to support WWF ...

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