The Non Physical And Non Material Aspects Of You Essays

The Non Physical And Non Material Aspects Of You Essays

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“Self” is the identity bestowed upon humans that allows us to distinguish ourselves from one another. A persons unique psyche is what entitles them to be considered an individual and mindfully independent. This distinct self identity follows a person through out every facet of their lives. It remains the same “self” from the time a person is born to the day they die, and possibly after. Despite many opinions, the true “self” does not come from our physical body, it comes from the mind and the soul. It is not what a person specifically thinks and feels, but the distinctive unparalleled way they do so. “Self” is embodied by our continued existence in every moment we experience. Our “self” is created to be stable and is best exemplified through consciousness. Consciousness, as defined by Miller in John Perry’s First Night, is “the non-physical and non-material aspects of you”. Some non-physical features of consciousness are demonstrated through our actions, memories, and how we perceive information. As new born babies, our consciousness is already established. Newborns have the ability to recognize their individual needs. They have a full understand of their idea of pain and pleasure, happiness and sadness. As we grow older, we better establish an awareness of our consciousness. One great example of the awareness of consciousness is seen in Daniel Dennett’s Brainstorms. In this work, Dennett is asked by a team of Pentagon officials to preform a top secret mission of retrieving a misfired warhead that is severely radioactive. To complete his duties, he must have his brain removed and stored separately so the radiation cannot affect it. Once operation was completely, Dennett asked if he could go look at his disembodied brain. The docto...

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...influences the body. Through the perceptions of our “self” we can understand what is harmful and helpful to the body. Like the idea of touching a fire, the brain can tell me that the body will be hurt and burned by touching it. The body is no way is needed to know that.
In spite of the oppositions of unconsciousness and the ideas that one “self” is based on physicality, it is obvious that our real “self” blossoms from the brain and soul. Everyone’s “self” is distinct and with no duplicates. No two people, even with identical bodies, can perceive, think, or reason exactly the same. These differences in the workings of our minds and souls, whether they are significant or minuscule, are what entitles us to our individual “self”. To again quote Miller in John Perry’s The First Night, “Without knowledge of our identity, everything we think and do would be senseless.”

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