Essay on Non Maternal Care Initiated For An Extensive Period Of Time Each Week

Essay on Non Maternal Care Initiated For An Extensive Period Of Time Each Week

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Important to realize, non-maternal care initiated for an extensive period of time each week has become a routine experience of many families in the USA in the last quarter of the 20th century (Belsky, 2006). In recent years, policy shifts that encourage mothers to leave home and enter paid jobs have influenced the number of parents selecting non-parental childcare and types of settings children enter (Loeb et al., 2004). Increased demand for childcare created new policies that substantially increased funding for childcare assistance (Crosby, Gennetian, & Huston, 2005). Thereupon, employed parents with young children certainly need childcare. That was particularly true for low-income families, in which both parents may be working or may be headed by a single parent (Crosby et al.). The federal and state governments have greatly expanded spending on childcare since the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act in August 1996 (Danziger, Ananat, & Browning, 2004). Childcare issues have intensified following PROWORA and during debates over reauthorization of that legislation, as many single parents have been required to increase their work effort (Crosby, Gennetian, & Huston). Childcare assistance policies commonly aim to boost employment by reducing the cost of care through providing subsidies (Crosby, Gennetian, & Huston).
Equally important, has been increase in number of children with disabilities in childcare (DeVore & Hanley, 2000). People at local childcare resources and referral agencies build connections between childcare provider and families in need of childcare. Among the children who needed childcare were those with special needs (DeVore & Hanley). As a result of better collaboration among community s...

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...d 50% (3) teaching assistants had bachelor’s degree. Average teaching experience for the lead teacher was10.25 years, for the teacher aides was 4 years, for administrative experience was 15.6 years. Statistical analysis of data was conducted using percentages. The results indicated that encouraging a learning-centered environment promoted ongoing professional development. Assessment of the learning needs of the staff included to provide cost and time efficient, professional development, specify goals and outcomes for each in-service, link staff and program goals for staff development outcomes, provide opportunities to apply acquired knowledge and strategies, provide consultation, follow-up, feedback, and utilize preferred workshop format (Vesay). In short, childcare staff professional development was imperative in fulfilling the needs of young children’s development.

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