Essay about Non-Linear Load Leads to the Power Quality

Essay about Non-Linear Load Leads to the Power Quality

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To sustain the modern civilization, all applications which is made by the increased use of modern electronics switches, and rapid growth of industries in which uses loads which is purely non-linear load leads to the power quality disturbance in to the utility system which leads to presence of harmonics in the power grid. When the harmonic currents flow in the power Grid, they can instigate problems such as Voltage distortion, PF correction capacitor parallel resonances, Power transformer heating and overload, Electric meter errors, Power cable failures, Telephone and communication line interference, Reduced Motor efficiency by the additional motor stator and rotor heating, Pulsating mechanical torques resulting from the induced negative sequence voltage harmonics ,hereby increase the system power losses and Corona loss[1]. So it is necessary to limit the power system disturbances with in an acceptable limit [2] in order to avoid the above said problems.
Nowadays Distributed Generation systems which are small-scale power generation technologies (typically in the range of 3 kW to 10,000 kW) plays a vital role to provide an alternative or to enhance the reliability of the traditional electric power system since the depletion of raw materials of central plant generation such as fossil fuel (coal, gas powered), nuclear, hydropower plants with high costs with an objective to give lower environmental impacts, improved security of supply and to meet out the steep rising load demand from electrical power utility. Especially energy harvesting from solar energy has attracted more users from all over world to meet out electricity demands due to its long life and maintenance less power production and now it is connected to the utility by us...

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...control of grid connected PV system shows in [15]. The proper commutation of thyristor is implemented by space vector PWM with a special switching sequence concern with the reduction of THD value in the grid system. Likewise the suppression method for the resonance oscillation in the ac side of the PWM current source inverter is explained in [10]. This paper mainly focuses on the role of renewable system to improve the quality in the grid from the customer end by exercising different configurations whose performance is analyzed with the help of two basic inverter topologies
The enhancement of the power quality disturbance rejection capability of the utility depends upon the controller design which is used to supply the required active and reactive power needed. This PVECS is designed and analyzed by using both voltage source inverter and current source inverter.

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