Non-government Organizations' Indispensable Roles in Community Development

Non-government Organizations' Indispensable Roles in Community Development

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The World Bank defines Non-government Organizations or NGO’s as “private organizations that pursue activities to relieve suffering, promote the interests of the poor, protect the environment, provide basic social services, or undertake community development.”
In the last 5 decades, it has been noted how there are more non-governmental organizations have been prominent and obvious in the field of community development than ever before, trying to fill in the gaps that governments either will not, or cannot (Shah, 2005).
Lewis and Kanji (2009) describe NGO's as organizations which aim to promote but not limited to social, political and economic change, in some countries government influenced the establishment of NGO's to play an increasingly influential role in a variety of activities which impact upon the lives of many people. According to Clark (1991) NGO’s are constantly assisting the government achieve its development objectives, such as public information, education and communications campaigns, or providing information about the situations and needs of particularly vulnerable groups. In this sense, NGO’s conducted multiple researches and apply this information to several dimensions of the community.
This paper aims to provide significant evidences on the roles of NGO’s in the community development in the Philippines. Further, it will concentrate on two major components of NGO’s contributions: financing and research.
NGOs on financing Community Development
Local NGOs have also helped shaped the community in simple ways. Like the Foundation for Integral, Sustainable and Holistic Community Development, Inc. (FISHCODE) an organization based in Davao, with a vision of giving substance and meaning, through participatory approac...

... middle of paper ... are ways by which they can be productive on their own is a big step towards the success of CD. Funding may also be carried out as long as there is enough budget for this.

To conclude, there are many sound elements or principles to community development. The author chose these five principles, which he believes, will help guide community developers to design their plans and be sensitive to the needs of the community people. It is also emphasised that there should be acceptance and a necessary changed of behaviour in the initial phase of the program. These principles will also help convey the importance of collaboration and initiation of self-help projects and activities in any programs. Lastly, the author wants to point out the indispensible function of the government in the overseeing of the sustainability and allocating of funds for community development.

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