Essay on Non Corrupt Practices Act ( Fcpa )

Essay on Non Corrupt Practices Act ( Fcpa )

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When is a Bribe a bribe, discusses how HR can be given the task to set polices for compliance ethical business overseas. HR personal must form polices that adhere to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. They can use guidelines written by the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission to understand what are considered “gifts”.
HR professionals involved in foreign affairs, need to increase their traditional activities, such as training and performance monitoring, such as auditing. (Noe, Hollenback, Gerhart, & Wright, 2015, p. 716). Acts of bribery can be can vary depending on each country’s values, norms, and laws. The first thing HR professionals should do is to understand their countries current laws involving bribery and also other countries laws. They should be familiar with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), which states “neither companies nor their agents may bribe foreign public officials to obtain or keep business, and the anti-bribery clause prohibits payoffs to foreign public officials or political parties to obtain or retain business.”(Weismann, Buscaglia, & Peterson, 2014). HR professionals need to know that these laws aren’t cut and dry. The act does not cover all companies to provide an audit trail, where non-issuers companies that are not traded on the public stock exchange, are not required to report to the SEC. (Weismann, Buscaglia, & Peterson, 2014). Therefore, HR professionals need to know first where their company stands.
Understanding laws is the first step in stopping bribery and staying in compliance. HR must then instill practices that in the company employees must instill in their work ethics. After new procedures are in place, companywide training mus...

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... and encouraging employees to speak with them. A study done by People Management in the UK, took a poll of 1,150 employees and found that 48 percent of them had no direct contact with their HR department in the last 12 months. (48% of staff haven 't talked to HR in the last year. 2016). This shows that HR are not spending enough time with the actual employees their job evolves around. According to Noe et al. (2015), employee relations falls under traditional roles, which makes up 15 to 30 percent of HR time (p. 717). HR need to make sure they are devoting time to this category that makes up a majority of their work.
If HR can coach management staff how to properly advise their subordinates and actively seek involvement in employee relations, they can monitor if correct producers are being instilled in the work force and retrain management when needed.

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