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Nokia And Nokia 's Strategy Essays

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The changes in leadership positions soon led to results and Nokia’s strategy was re-evaluated. The company describes the decision to shift focus on its remaining three divisions – Nokia Networks, HERE and Nokia Technology – as forward-looking. The businesses continuing in operation are respective leaders of their marketplace (Nokia, 2014).
Nokia Networks is a broadband radio network provider, attracting customers all over the globe. Nokia Networks focuses on developing 5G, which is due to replace the old 4G. Networks’ main concern is the accommodation of an increasing amount of data traffic. Networks works towards an improved speed of uploads by developing a radio cloud network. The demand for speed grows as many phones are becoming richer in content. Nokia aims for technology improvement without a noticeable effect on price. Nokia Networks counts China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and many more as customers (Nokia, 2015).
Furthermore, an emphasis has been put on data security. Recent years raised concerns whether connecting our e-mail and bank account to our mobile phones is really secure. Cord (2014) points out privacy as the biggest issue of mobile phone industry and calls for openness and honesty since data tracking is becoming a common phenomenon. A radio cloud network introduces security solutions for the next-generation breaches.
HERE might be called Nokia’s proudest accomplishment. This mighty mapping intelligence system is providing real-life data on parking, traffic and petrol prices, which dynamicity improves driver’s experience. The system is supported by technology development happening at Nokia Networks. HERE dominates both European and American market, with only Google as a potential competitor. The maps can ...

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...att, 2002). Cheerful ringtones and colourful back covers are still a trademark of the Nokia phone. Nokia always had the ability to generate loyal customers by performing at everything they do. This effort does not go unnoticed and customers are returning to the revived Nokia brand. Undoubtedly, the de-layered company will no longer hesitate to bring the customers the newest technology far ahead of its competitors.
“Never write an unnecessary note. Every note must live.” (Sibelius, 1948 quoted in Nokia, 2015) represents the relentlessness of Nokia to continue its business despite the fall. In his letter to the company in 2014, the current chief executive of Nokia, Rajeev Suri, celebrates the momentum Nokia gained. 2015 marks the anniversary of Nokia’s foundation. Nokia is driven by commitment to the brand, to the shareholders and most importantly - the customers.

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