No Tradition Involving A Single Food Essay

No Tradition Involving A Single Food Essay

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No tradition involving a single food stands out in my memory, but every Sunday the entire family, aunts, uncles, cousins gathered at Grandma’s. Grandma Powell’s kitchen was the hub of activity. With up to 25 people in the house at one time it seemed that if you were not in the kitchen at some point you missed everything that happened. My mother and her brothers always told stories about their adventures. Always hilarious. Conversations circled ‘round often and if you missed the story, you missed the joke, forever. As a first born I am inherently nosy and that would leave me irritated for days.
The carpet in the kitchen had blue and green diamonds joining into a circle inside a square. The carpet was old and there was a roll in the carpet right in the path between Grandpa’s chair and the refrigerator. This was a disaster waiting to happen and many of us little ones fell for its charms.
In the kitchen was a yellow dining table. A 1950’s yellow-indestructible, heavy formica table. How do I know it’s heavy? I moved it to Missouri with me; seriously indestructible.
Many meals were hos...

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