No Tolerance

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The issue of school safety is a concern shared between teachers, students, parents, administration and the community. Providing a safe and proactive school action plan is essential to an effective and excelling education for every student. This plan must include alternatives to the zero tolerance policies set forth by the adoption of the Gun Free Schools Act of 1994. Through the effective use of this policy the Union Colony Charter School will create a better foundation of trust between all stakeholders. Students who trust their educators, and feel that they are respectful, fair, and attentive, are more likely to form bonds and perform well in school (Boccenfuso, Kuhfed, 2011). Considering the situation involving the three students at the Union Colony Charter School in Greeley, Colorado the following plan of action would be followed and executed: The school’s most important responsibility is to communicate and emphasize the policies to all stakeholders before the infraction took place. “One of the most important tools schools have for ensuring safety is the student disciplinary code, which sets forth expectations for student behavior and imposes penalties when these expectations are not met”(Hutton, Bailey, 2007, pg.5). The policy must be communicated to, and understood by school personnel, students, and parents. School officials should carefully consider the full range of potential options in school safety situations, including proactive and preventive measures and alternatives to disciplinary approaches (Hutton, Bailey, 2007, pg.25). The expectations must be communicated, displayed, and enforced by all participants in the school setting. The definition of what a weapon is considered at this site should be specified in the stud... ... middle of paper ... ...rom Creating Safe and Drug-Free Schools An Action Guide. (1996, September). Education Government. Retrieved December 1, 2013, from Hutton, T., & Bailey, K. (2007). School Policies Effective Strategies for Creating Legal Issues Safer Schools and Communities. The Hamilton Fish Institute on School and Community Violence & Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, 1-57. Retrieved December 1, 2013, from State Guns in Schools. (2012, January 3). Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence RSS. Retrieved December 1, 2013, from Zero Tolerance. (2013, October 19). Wikipedia. Retrieved December 1, 2013, from

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