No Student Left Behind : The Worst Thing That Ever Happened Essay

No Student Left Behind : The Worst Thing That Ever Happened Essay

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No student left behind: the worst thing that ever happened to our education system. No student left behind was created out of fear that American students were falling behind in our education. While made with the best of intentions it doesn’t help bring up students, who fall below the acceptable bar but rather lowers the bar. We are not better educating our students as many would like to claim, but rather teaching our students that if it is to hard it’s okay to just lower the bar; we will still call you a success. Furthermore, teachers who cannot produce passing test scores for their students are at risk of losing their job, and schools who fall below the bar lose funding as a consequence; something that no school can afford.
This legislature created the Generation of teaching to the test: how many times has a new school year started with a teacher saying “the math test this year is March 18th, we have 34 weeks to cover 17 chapters before then that will be on the test so we need to keep up and if there are any extra snow days we are in trouble. You have to get a 70% on the test in ord...

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