No Stripping Required For Unveiling The Truths Essay

No Stripping Required For Unveiling The Truths Essay

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No Stripping Required To Unveiling the Truths
The definition of rape culture given by Southern Connecticut State University’s website is “an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture.” The idea is only conserved within media through hateful language, objectification of the woman’s bodies, and the seemingly attractive, sexually fueled abuse that occurs within most college walls. (“Southern Connecticut State University”) Some examples of rape culture are the people who look at the media and make their own predetermined judgements of the victim without seeing the facts and trying to find a resolution. For instance, “The fact that she wore a short skirt, she was asking to be raped.” or “What more can you expect from a guy, they’re just being boys.” These type of statements excuse the concept of actual sexual assault happening; And even worse, college campuses attempt to cover up these findings for the betterment of their own universities. Statistics even show that a whopping 63% of rapes and sexual assault crimes on college campuses are not even reported to police. Plainly said, a university that refuses to promote rape culture awareness methods reflects its motive to ignore campus violence to keep the school’s reputation intact.
There could be many factors as to why the issues of rape culture on campus are ignored. One would even suggest that the male leadership instills fear into anyone who decides to speak up. One would also suggest that the measures that the campuses go to in order to create awareness for things they feel is more important, dims the light on the issue of rape culture. This is making it harder to create possible resolutions to t...

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...thin the campus while also prohibiting excessive outside activity to travel inside the walls of the campus. The effect of this would tremendously lower the rate of stranger sexual assaults while also raising awareness and boosting the morale of the students on campus. To remove possible threats within the campus, shedding more light on the past occurrences and the measures taken to ensure of the perpetrators punishment would eliminate most of those on campus who would think of actually committing this crime; the possible perp feeling as if he’d receive the same punishment if not worse and forcing themselves to rethink their crimes. Overall, the safety of the university’s students being compromised is something that no one should lie about; and to end most if not all rape/ sexual assault crimes, would be to create a safer more prosperous learning environment for all.

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